Cellardoor Small Business - Quality Video Production for Small Business Owners
Cellardoor Small Business - Video Production for Memphis, TN and the Tri-State Area
Cellardoor Small Business - Quality Video for Small Business Owners
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- Pre-production planning tailored to your unique business.

- A two hour, on-location, HD shoot at your business with a professional filmmaker.

- Professional video editing.

- A preview of the finished product for editing corrections and changes.

- A finished commercial (Approx. 60 sec.) output to any digital format needed.

- Ownership of the video and all associated recordings.

- Archiving services of your finished product for a year.
Cellardoor Cinema can help you find talented local actors to represent your business.
Our Documentary-Style Small Business Videos gives your audience a unique chance to learn
about your business directly from you!  Our filmmakers will come to your business and work with
you to show audiences what sets your business apart from the competition.  We'll film brief
interviews with you and your employees, record testimonials from your customers and showcase
the products and services that best highlight what you have to offer.
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*Restrictions for the “Double-Down” upgrade: Video must be scheduled on the same date as the original video either directly preceeding or following the shoot for the original video.
The second video offered by the “Double-Down” upgrade must also take place at the same location as the original video.  The “Enhanced Graphics” upgrade covers the primary video only,
a second “Enhnced Graphics” upgrade may be purchased for the second video however, at an additional cost of $225.00.