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Cellardoor Small Business - Quality Video for Small Business Owners
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To ensure your message is clearly conveyed, we start our process with a pre-production meeting
where your project is assessed and analyzed so we can properly meet your needs and goals.  Whether
you have the exact vision you want for your video or need help in developing your message.  Cellardoor
is there for you.

Preparation and pre-production are key to a smooth production and polished finished product.

Ask yourself:

* Who is my audience?

* What is the message or story I want to convey?

* Is my message or story clear and precise?

* How will people see my final product - television, Internet, DVD, theaters?
From script, to storyboard, to screen Cellardoor Cinema excels at developing projects.
 And an efficient pre-production period, the production and post-production phases will go smoothly
which saves you money and time. Here are some additional tips for your production:

1. Know what you want before you go into production.

2. Take the time to plan out and discuss the project with the filmmaker.

3. Make realistic deadlines.

4. Try to have a clear and precise message. Long videos are not necessarily better videos.

5. Make sure all "gatekeepers" that need to make a decision are in the loop.

6. Don't cut corners. Let professionals do what they do best.

Cellardoor Small Business has been successful because we have been able to transform our clients
goals into reality.  Proper planning will lead to a better product, it's that simple.
 Cellardoor Small Business will apply its full resources and talents to your project.   7 days a week.... where-ever and when-ever you need
us, we're available. We have the experience and know-how to get your production work done efficiently and effectively.  Organization is the
key to a smooth running production and Cellardoor takes all the elements of the pre-production process very seriously:
Whether it's shooting a commercial, corporate video or television show, Cellardoor Cinema will apply its full resources and talents to your project.
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