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Cellardoor Small Business - Video Production for Memphis, TN and the Tri-State Area
Cellardoor Small Business - Quality Video for Small Business Owners
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 Are you looking for a way to stand out from your competitors?  Turn visitors to your website into
customers and clients?  To tell the story of your business and explain the services you offer?

 Then a Documentary-Style Video will deliver that message.  Imagine the opportunity to
personally describe to each customer: what you're about, what you offer and how you can help

 At Cellardoor Small Business, we have helped many business owners in and around the
Memphis, TN area deliver their message to customers, and we look forward to working with you
as well.  We will meet with you to develop your message and help you decide exactly what
aspects of your business you would like to showcase.   We will manage the pre-production of
your shoot and scheduling, which saves your time and money, and work with you during the
entire shoot to ensure your message comes across clear and concise.  Contact us today, to get
started on your next project.
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 We will meet with you prior to the shoot to discuss your project and to help you develop the
exact message you want to send.  During this meeting, we will also answer any questions you
may have about the production and schedule a convenient time to shoot your project.
 We will meet with you at your business, go over the shooting process and answer any last
minute questions you may have.  Then, we setup our equipment and start the interview(s).
 Here's where you get to speak directly to your customers.  You can explain what makes your
business unique, tell how your business was founded and say why you love it.  We'll also
interview customers here; asking why your the first stop for them.
 After the interview, we will then film shots that specifically showcase your business: You and
your employees helping customers, product shots, and any awards you may have.
 Taking video footage from your shoot , we assemble the best parts to get your message
across.  We'll add music to help capture the environment of your business and we'll add
lower-third graphics to introduce speakers.  Once finished, we'll bring your finished project back
to you for approval where you'll get final approval on the graphics, music and arrangement of the
shots.  Then you will get your finished project output to any digital format you need and a hard
copy delivered to you.
Contact us today, to get started on your next project.
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