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Basic Commercial Package:

- A professional script, custom-tailored
to your business.
- An 2 hour on-location shoot at your business.
- A two-man camera crew with all needed
equipment including lighting and mics.
- Professional video editing.
- A finished commercial (Approx. 60 sec.)
output to any electronic format needed.
- Archiving services, raw footage and
finished product, for five years.

      Cost = $750

Upgrades to our
Basic Commercial Package:

    Graphics Add-on

    - Enhance your brand, logo, and identity
    by adding exciting graphics to your
    commercial.  Make your selling points
    stand out even more by letting us design
    stylish graphics to incorporate into your

        Upgrade Cost = $400

    HD Production

    - Thinking of showing your commercial
    on TV or in Theaters?  Then HD is the
    way to go.  With the number of people
    switching to HDTV in their homes and
    the number of commercials being shown
    in Movie Theaters, HD production will
    open advertising doors to you and your
    business, and help you stand out.

    Upgrade Cost = $300
Commercial Packages
Let Cellardoor Cinema produce your next broadcast or internet commercial.
Cellardoor Cinema can help you find talented local actors to represent your business.
Cellardoor Cinema can produce your project to any format needed.
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