Open to screenplays from any genre, the Cellardoor Cinema Screenplay Contest is dedicated to Independent Filmmaking and turning great stories
into reality on film. We accept narrative fiction screenplays, short to feature length, with the Grand Prize Winning screenplay going into production at
the end of the contest.

The Cellardoor Cinema Screenplay gives screenwriters the chance to see their dreams become reality. Open to writers from around the world, the
Cellardoor Cinema Screenplay Contest will began it's 3rd season on Jan 15th, 2012. First and second year contest winners can be viewed in the
Contest Archive page.

The Cellardoor Cinema Screenplay Contest accepts narrative, fiction short screenplays and narrative, fiction feature screenplays for consideration
into the festival. Applicants may submit multiple screenplays at one screenplay per entry. Previous winning authors are eligible for entry into the next
years screenplay contest. Screenplays will be reviewed by the contest panel and winning screenplays will be announced at the conclusion of the
contest. The Grand Prize winning screenplay will be produced by Cellardoor Cinema and submitted to festivals. Grand Prize winning screenplay can
come from either short or feature screenplay competitions. Top category winners will receive Cellardoor Cinema's Screenplay Recognition Awards.
Terms and Conditions
Short and feature screenplay entries must include a synopsis at no more than 1/2 a page with the full screenplay.  Entries into the Narrative Fiction
Short Screenplay contest must be under 35 pages in length.  Entries into the Narrative Fiction Feature Screenplay contest must be over 80 pages
and under 150 pages.  Cellardoor Cinema Screenplay Recognition Awards will be given to 1st place winners in each category, but will not go into
production by Cellardoor Cinema as part of the Cellardoor Cinema Screenplay Contest.  Grand Prize winning screenplay may be chosen by
Cellardoor Cinema from either category, and will go into production by Cellardoor Cinema.  Grand Prize winning author will be offered deferred
payment in the form of 10% of net profits from film distribution, sale, or release and 25% of net profits from merchandising.  Grand Prize winner is
responsible for taxes from monies they receive from film distribution, sales, release and merchandising profits.
Cellardoor Cinema Screenplay Contest prefers online entries submitted via Withoutabox.com, which provides cost-saving, paperless submission to
film festivals around the world. Withoutabox’s internet-only submission platform features online applications via one master entry form, online fee
payments, press kits, and the option to use Secure Online Screeners, an economical, eco-friendly, and secure alternative to traditional hard-copy
DVD submissions. Fill out one master entry form and take advantage of quick entry, extended deadlines, and powerful submission management
tools. There’s no extra cost to you, and by submitting, you’ll join Withoutabox’s global filmmaker community and stay in the loop about international
exhibition opportunities. Click to submit your film today!
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About the Festival:
Entry Season has now officially ended. Thanks to everyone who submitted a screenplay to the contest!
Winners will be announced on July 1st.