Avatar. Some loved it, some hated it. But, with the new Pandora attraction opening in Disney's
Animal Kingdom this summer, this movie definitely deserves a closer look.

       I honestly believe that everyone can agree that the movie has some of the most amazing
scenery and details for its time period. Since 2009, tons of progress in CGI have been made, but
still, this movie is simply beautiful. There’s something just magical about the land of Pandora. From
its floating mountains and waterfalls to the vibrant flora and fauna that grow on the island, its
evident that James Cameron took great care in designing the gorgeous scenery.

      One of the main issues that people have with the movie, besides its duration, is the design of
the Na’vi people. Some describe them as awkward cat-like creatures, but I think their design
makes sense. They need to be agile to actually survive in their environment and their height adds
a fantastical aspect to their makeup.

      While the scenery and characters are, personally, a great selling point for me, most of the
movie’s importance stems from some underlying themes throughout the entire film. Jake Sully, a
former Marine and paraplegic, is brought onto the Avatar program after his twin brother passes
away. After being attacked by a thanator, a type of souped up panther, Jake is saved by Neytiri,
the daughter of the Na’vi spiritual leader. Eventually she takes him into her home and they try their
best to integrate him into the Na’vi culture.

      Although he is originally met with opposition from some members of the community, Jake
becomes enthralled with becoming a full-fledged member of the Na’vi tribe. Therefore, when he
finds out that the Avatar program is just a ploy to obtain the mineral unobtanium and those he
works with are out to destroy the Na’vi land, Jake does all he can to protect his new home. This
seems like a great example of the destructive nature of some humans as they destroy land for their
own personal gain.

      The movie may be pretty long, but, with all that is had to offer, its definitely worth it.
Fantasy Flashback: Avatar (2009)
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Director: James Cameron
Starring: Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez