Special FX Focus: Wiseblood (Review)
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      First off, this is more of a review article than the how-to articles that I've written in the past, but
it's a review article for a great new SFX product that I've found. So with that said, let's get into it.
      Yeah, I know...everyone claims to have the best fake blood on the market, but I've been on a
quest forever it seems to actually either find or make one that is absolutely the best.  Well, the
search is over.  Much respect to Edwin Wise who lives in Austin, TX (USA) and his appropriately
named formula, "Wiseblood."  It really does pass every test that one could have:  Color, thickness,
flow, staying power, DOESN'T STAIN, cleans quick and easy, works on all major FX
appliances/supplies such as silicone, foam latex, polyfoam, mask latex, pros aide transfers,
meaning that it doesn't bead up...it looks and acts like real blood.

      First and foremost, most of you are going to want proof of this great stage blood actually
coming clean by using just water.  Here's several pics to prove it, as well, you can see the great
color, thickness and perfect bit of opacity to it.  I do realize these are just pictures, so I may well do
a video soon to show proof in action.
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      Here's a picture from a zombie themed
wedding I worked on.  There's no way the
bride, groom or even the cemetery would let
me do my thing with a stage blood that wasn't
going to come clean and absolutely not stain
the skin, clothing or the concrete.  No one
wanted my head after this shoot, so there's
more proof for you that it is as advertised.
(Zombies fall in love too!)
      Here are a couple of pictures of my Halloween costume this year.  My mask is silicone, my
gown is a cotton blend and you can see Wiseblood on my bare skin.  The drip, flow and dried look
on silicone is amazing (no beading up at all).  The clothes look appropriately stained – thin swipes
are lighter than the darker spattered areas.  The blood on my bare skin is different smeared
thicknesses and looks appropriately so.  This stuff is just perfect.  I promise you...it all came out in
the wash, and I didn't even have to use soap in the shower...just good old hot water and gone.
(Time for Trick or Treating.)
     I can't tell you how much I love this stuff, and it comes in various size and color options.  I
implore you all to use it.  You won't be sorry.  For now, Edwin is operating through Facebook while
a website is being built -
https://www.facebook.com/WiseStageBlood/   He's quite personable and
ready for orders.
(Pre-murder Selfie.)