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      It’s fun to see a first time, feature film maker’s project and know that they will undoubtedly be
added to the list of those that got it “oh-so-right” the first go around.  RECONNOITER definitely
puts writer/director Neil Rowe, producer/composer Amanda Rowe and actor Ian James Rowe
firmly on the map and on a film goer’s watch list.  It’s especially amazing that those three are who
only bring us the film itself.

     Set in a future where unmanned missions have set up an accelerated, wormhole style
transport in space (one “window” outside of our Earth and the other “window” near another Earth-
like planet light years away), the film picks up right away as the first man is about to venture the
journey and “reconnoiter” (scout out) the planet from its orbit.  An emergency occurs, though, that
causes the lone astronaut to crash land on the planet and forced to search for any means of
possibly getting help or word home.  The planet reveals itself to be very Earth-like indeed, quite
habitable…but its predominant species are various, dangerous machines that quickly begin to
hunt the alien that has crashed on their world.

     RECONNOITER is very much a film that hard core scifi fans will enjoy, as well as just casual
scifi fans.  Visually it’s well shot and directed, and its CGI effects are on par with what you’d
expect from Neil Blomkamp.  The plot and filmic ride we go on, though, right away, I felt like I was
watching homages to the short stories of Philip K. Dick – in that it is very much a story of humanity
and human struggles in a dangerous, technologically advanced time.  Just the same, I felt it
homages old Outer Limits episodes that always chose first to give us great, thinking man’s science
fiction plots, solid suspense and still, great use of fantastical, scifi elements that excite and thrill
us.  The plot gives us a complete flip of the script when it comes to the countless films of an alien
that crash lands to Earth and how we’d relentlessly hunt it down.  All that, and we get taken on
this ride driven by one of the best, one actor only showcases that I’ve seen in many years, and
then the score for the film adds more so by being not just atmospheric but also very much serving
to help define pace and tension as needed.  Nothing about this film comes across as amateur at
all.  Any audience to see this film is going to enjoy it and think it was done by a slew of seasoned
professionals…and then be blown away to find out it was three, passionate, studious,
professionals in the making and as yet to be determined what high level they will finally have in
the film making industry.  These are the kinds of creatives that you keep an anxious eye and ear
out for because you know you’re going to want to see whatever they do next.

     I can’t recommend the film enough, and I’m proud to have it submitted to the Unreal Film Fest,
and I especially can’t wait for others to see it, as well.  Everyone is going to really enjoy this
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Director: Neil Rowe
Stars: Ian Rowe
Screening Date: Sunday, Oct. 4th, at 6:50 PM at the Unreal Film Festival

Photos: Courtesy of the SyFy Channel