The Unreal Film Festival is an annual sci-fi, horror, and fantasy only film festival in Memphis, TN
sponsored by Cellardoor Cinema. The festival accepts and screens local, domestic, and
international films at the festival each year, but only those films that fall under the sci-fi,
horror, or fantasy film genres.

The submission season for the festival runs annually starting on January, 1st each year and
running through June 15th. Notification of selected filmmakers occurs on August 1st with the
festival held in late Sept to early Oct each year.  The Unreal Film Festival offers FREE
submissions for short films from local filmmakers in Memphis, TN or the surrounding counties.

The Unreal Film Festival offers awards in several categories including Best Feature, Best Short,
Best Director, Best Performance, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Practical Special
FX, Best CG and Compositing, Best Wardrobe and Make-up, and Best Local Short Film.

The Unreal Film Festival also broadcasts a bi-monthly podcast "
Unreal Radio", which focuses
on the latest festival and entertainment news, local events, and headlines from around the
entertainment world.

For more information about the festival, please visit